Thank You

Thank you, friends, for reading my last post about my experience with infertility. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I shared. I mostly just knew that, after a long time of feeling like I hadn’t heard much from God, he was gently leading me to speak up, and I had to obey. I want to praise my faithful God for never giving up on me, and for helping me use the gifts he has given me!

I hoped I would feel some relief; words had been welling up in my heart for a long time. I hoped I would feel a little sense of accomplishment by actually sitting down, letting the words come out, and arranging them for an audience. I hoped I might help someone else feel less alone, or like they felt better equipped to help someone close to them.

And I do a feel a little relieved, a little accomplished, and a little like maybe I have made a difference. So thank you for encouraging me with your clicks, likes, comments, prayers, and the heartfelt “me too” stories some of you shared with me. I am buoyed.

This is the biggest response I’ve ever had to a blog post, and I’m not sure what to do with it. I am working on some more content for next week when National Infertility Awareness Week begins, although my posting content kind of depends on how I’m doing with life at that time, so we’ll see.

But I wanted to be sure to follow up now, while I can. I do feel like I have opened the floodgates and acknowledged the elephant in the room, which paves the way for me to share about life’s more trivial delights without feeling like I’m hiding something.

So here are my breakfast potatoes. I may be dealing with fertility challenges, but I ate a small heap of potatoes on this chill Saturday morning, like a normal person (normal people eat potatoes in heaps, right?), and I don’t feel like it’s a lie to share about it. That’s worth celebrating.

And there’s even more. I bought a house plant that I hope I don’t kill. I’ve tried some awesome allergy-friendly recipes. And I have some bones to pick with Bible verses I see posted all over Pinterest. I hope I can tell you about all of those things (or things like them) now that I’ve addressed the elephant. But for now, THANK YOU for “listening up,” and happy Saturday!

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