Sugar Sugar

I’m still getting back to real life after our vacation to California to visit family and friends over a week ago. It was wonderful- the people, the weather, the experiences (especially a WEDDING, yay!). But I decided to take a vacation from some of my food restrictions while I was at it, and it seems I’m now paying the price for my transgressions.

I did pretty well avoiding my biggest food offender, eggs, but I really let my guard down with sugar. Thing is, the stuff is so addictive! Once we got home I continued my sugar monster ways, hunting down every trace of it I could find in the house. It was so difficult to cut myself off! I was tired from living in Pacific time for a week and readjusting to the early mornings of Central time, so I just continued to indulge in sugar due to my weakened state. And eventually, I was fighting off symptoms like fatigue, a sore throat, and congestion. I spent most of yesterday in bed on my usual sick day schedule of Netflix and vitamins. I’m feeling better today, and determined to kick sugar out of my body.

I tend to keep most of my personal dietary practices to myself, lest others think I am judging their food choices. I eat the way I do because specific foods trigger specific problems in my body, and I recognize that foods affect each person differently. I don’t believe that everyone needs to avoid the foods I avoid. But sugar is a little different. I am not a medical or nutritional expert by any means, but it doesn’t take one to know that sugar is bad news for our health. I wish I could share some solid research on the subject, but I’ll admit that I haven’t done too much digging so far. It’s something I want to know more about. For now I just have my personal experience, and since cutting back on sugar a few years ago and being 80-90% sugar free now, I notice a difference when I go back to it for a little bender. All I will say is cutting out sugar has helped me, and I would encourage anyone to look into its adverse effects and find some ways to cut back.

This weekend my goal is to devote more energy to kicking sugar to the curb (again). Here is a Google search I did to motivate myself on a mental level:

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.11.28 AM

I hope these sugar facts will cause me to think twice when the cravings strike!

I also have a fun playlist on Songza to boost my mood:

"Yummy Yummy Sugar Sugar" delivers sweet oldies tunes to my ears!

“Yummy Yummy Sugar Sugar” delivers sweet oldies tunes to my ears!

On a “gut level” I’m going to feed myself some treats that are sweet… without sugar. This will mainly involve stevia (I use this one from VitaCost) and fruit. I pinned Dashing Dish’s recipe for watermelon strawberry sorbet a while back, and it seems like this weekend of cutting myself off from “the white devil” (my mom’s nickname for sugar- Hi, Mom!) is the perfect time to try it out. I will, of course, be using an alternative sweetener and using much less than 3/4 cup. Fruit brings sugar of its own to the table!

Doesn’t it look delicious? (image from

Wish me luck! Happy weekend!

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