Finally, Spring!

I don’t mind winter, really. I’m not one of those people who gets upset when it seems to go on longer than we think it should. I get a little more time to wear sweaters and boots and scarves and my nice winter coat.

But there’s something about spring! The grass and trees are greening up and flowers are poking through the dirt after a long sleep. Birds are chirping and we actually see our neighbors outside again. People seem happier, which makes life better.

Spring rarely lasts as long as I want it to, and I think that’s one reason I enjoy it so much- the short length makes it kind of special. I have to savor the moments before the dreaded heat of summer arrives. So I treasure that slight chill in the air in the mornings and evenings, and the new warmth to the sunshine that wasn’t there in winter.

I keep thinking we will see snow one more time here in northwest Iowa, but I’m not so sure. My crocuses popped up about a week ago, and while they typically make an over-eager entrance and end up dusted in snowflakes, so far they remain unscathed by the white stuff. I’m nervous but enjoying it.

In honor of spring I must share this song. I was introduced to the comedic music of Jonathan and Darlene Edwards (pseudonyms for actual talented people Paul Weston and Jo Stafford) by a dear friend back in high school. We would listen to her parents’ album and just giggle and giggle, and of course re-enact. It is some truly special music. Its irreverence, wit, and comedic panache make it perfect for a Fun Friday… in SPRING!

2 thoughts on “Finally, Spring!

  1. I feel the same way about winter and spring!!
    And you already know that i feel the same way about Jonathan and Darlene Edwards– it is some truly special music indeed. 🙂


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