It’s Galentine’s Day!

My first post today was a little heavy, so it is with great joy and relief that I now share a fun and happy one to kick off this weekend of love!

In our house, we really enjoy tv. We have found several shows that we connect with (both comedy and drama), and we are probably those annoying people who make too many references to tv shows in regular conversation. Sorry! My family is this way, too, with our favorite shows and movies and even songs, so I come by it honestly. My dad said “girls just wanna have fun” so many times in response to our girlish antics that my sister thought it must be a line from the Bible. So it’s not in the cards for me to change.

Anyway, Parks & Recreation is one of “our shows” that Mike and I have gotten into, and after watching and re-watching all 6 completed seasons (it’s currently in its 7th and final season), a fictional holiday invented by the fictional main character has seeped into my consciousness. Last night I actually said to Mike, “Hey, tomorrow is Galentine’s Day!” I was genuinely excited about it because it is a day to celebrate your ladies. Now, I live far away from many of my dear gals, and even with my local girlfriends it’s tough to just “get the girls together” because life is not like tv. If it were, I would hang out with them every Galentine’s Day and probably every Friday at the same charming local eatery, at which time we would banter with the staff and one another, and I would have alllll the frittatas, because “tv Kristen” would not be allergic to them. But here we are, living our real lives in which eggs make us (me) sick and it’s hard to schedule a girls’ night.

But I am still celebrating! It will be with texts and Facebook messages and maybe emails, but I’m going to let my gals know that I love and appreciate them. My friends are smart, talented, creative, encouraging, dedicated, funny, kind, thoughtful, and supportive. They make me feel normal and special at the same time. My lady friends have enriched my life in so many ways.

Tomorrow is for the husbands and boyfriends, but today is for GALS. If you are a lady I would encourage you to join me in the celebration! Spread that love around! If you are a gentleman, think of how you can encourage and affirm the ladies around you, and if you’re a gentleman with a special lady, think about what you’re going to write in that V-day card. You can also encourage your fellow men, just, you know… in manly ways. Chest bumps? I don’t know what you guys do.

Other than the fun messages I plan to send out, I’m sure I will listen to Delilah tonight, too. My love for her show began ironically, because of her saccharine sweetness, but over time it turned into a not-so-guilty pleasure. Every Friday she celebrates “Friday Night Girls’ Night.” With Valentine’s Day so close at hand, I wonder what ooey-gooey sentiments she will serve up? I can’t wait.

Will you celebrate Galentine’s Day? How do your gals inspire you?

from Smart Girls at the Party

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