Weekend Time!

Right now in my life, weekends basically start Friday morning. It’s pretty awesome. This week was a little busier for me, but it was good. I felt very much at peace, and I know this peace came in part from having the words of Matthew 6:20-21 and Matthew 6:31-34 floating around in my head.

I thought I would share a few links to kick off the weekend.

-I came across this post about writing “love letters” to friends and thought it was a great idea. I’m planning some of my own for February, but will by no means hold back in the mean time. If you think someone is great…. tell ’em!

-I have enjoyed the Songza playlist “Rustic Outdoor Wedding” as the score to all kinds of activities including painting, cleaning, baking, reading, and even exercising. The mood is melancholy overall, but there are plenty of upbeat songs and the romantic theme keeps it from becoming depressing. Check it out.

-Doughnuts. There’s nothing like them, especially when you’re not supposed to have them! I am on the hunt for a recipe that is safe for me. I tried one yesterday that flopped pretty bad, but I will not be discouraged- I’m trying another one today. I have visions of kawaii doughnuts dancing around in my head, and if I didn’t have this recipe to work on I think I could sit and look at pastry-themed jewelry alllll day.

Happy Weekend!!!

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