(My thinking face)

(My thinking face)

I used to blog, like fifteen years ago, before it was cool. My online circle was small, and as social media took off and my circle grew I gradually withdrew from sharing so much. Eventually I stopped almost altogether.

But after years off from blogging, I kind of missed it. I missed having a public space to work out the deeper thoughts of life. I missed interacting with readers. I missed the accountability that came with sharing my journey. I also found myself doing things and wanting to share about them in case someone else might need encouragement to try something new… but I didn’t have any place to link back to (besides Facebook, where content is constantly buried by more content).

While I’m excited to have my own space for sharing, I still harbor some hesitation. I was shy as a child and am still very much an introvert, which for me seems to come from a desire to protect myself from (real or perceived) judgment or criticism from others. But after keeping to myself for a while I’m seeing that I may benefit from airing out my thoughts, preferences, opinions, and things I’m trying. I think it is good to be intentional about showing others who you are, and who you are trying to become. 

I know I’m just one in a sea of countless blogs, so I’m not in it for the traffic, but if my little exercise in being a more transparent and well-rounded individual can brighten the Internet just a little, then… success!

Here is a little info about me as I get started here. I am…

-a follower of Jesus

-a woman who really tries. But fails. Thank God for grace! He is making me what I need to be.

-an occupational “has-been.” In recent years I have worked as a behavior analyst for children with autism, a preschool teacher, and even a barista. Presently I work very part-time, putting on my behavior analyst hat once a week to oversee and implement an after-school in-home program for a child with autism.

-a youth pastor’s wife

-a reluctant learner (learning is great, but I don’t like admitting I don’t know something)

-a health enthusiast (partly out of necessity)

-a shopper

-a lover of pretty things (to look at, use, listen to, etc.)

-a diy-er when the mood is right

-an introvert…

-…but also an enthusiastic encourager and sharer

The list could go on, but now you have an idea. I try to see the delightful aspects of life, even in its deep or challenging times, hence the name of the site.

That is just a little bit about me and my reasons for setting up shop here. If you’ve read this, please comment and say hello! I would also love to know what you think about sharing thoughts and opinions online and what it does to us for better or for worse.

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